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With 10 years experience in Automatic machines, Pak Chuan is devoting to provide various automation solutions to our customers.

We are helping our customers to improve their efficiency and save costing on Welding, Spray painting, Punching forging, Assembling,

Stacking, Transferring, Testing etc. Thanks to our strong , experienced engineer team,

Pak Chuan is always keeping eyes on new technology and catching what the customers need.

At the meantime, we are the biggest distributor of HAITAI Plastic Injection Molding Machine in north China and Asian markets.

HAITAI is the top three brands of plastic injection molding machines in China with 18 years experience in the industry.

And in recent years, their machines are getting reputation on overseas market. Pak Chuan is also using our advantages in this area,

we make automatic machines on the plastic production line such as feeding, cooling, pulverizing, picking, stacking etc.

Thus, we fulfil a series solutions for plastic manufacturers.

Locating only 40 kilometers to Qingdao Port, Pak Chuan is shipping out the machines to worldwide markets very conveniently.

We are here ready to help you.