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Pak Chuan became the biggest distributor of NOVA woodworking

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We are so excited to become the biggest distributor for NOVA woodworking tools in South and East Asia.

Based on close partnership with NOVA brand, we provide high quality woodworking tools to our clients.

NOVA is the top grade brand in woodworking tools all over the world. Founded in 1956,

NOVA gets a very high reputation because of its high quality and stability. Main products of NOVA brand:  lathe, drill press, chuck, jaw etc.

The worlds first smart Drill Press combines the best features of Drill presses with state of the art technology to make your project work more efficient, fun and safer.

The NOVA Voyager DVR Drill Press is the most versatile Drill Press on the market. It combines the proven technology with some great new features.

Using the unique DVR technology, the direct drive motor is incredibly

smooth with no pulleys or belts to vibrate.

The NOVA DVR™ series are the only smart machines on the market, the

ONLY machines to feature intelligent ADAPTIVE CONTROL™ software

that works for you to produce optimum conditions for your specific  projects.